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Founded in 1980, our commitment has always been customer satisfaction and producing high quality products. We maintain a small shop atmosphere and in doing this we feel that we achieve a higher level of quality and our customers receive more individual attention. We can work with you and your design department to achieve the best and most cost effective solutions to your building needs.


Complete Design Services are provided using MiTek Canada Inc. software to design and engineer every truss that we produce. We also provide our customer with a detailed, easy to follow set of Truss Placement Drawings and Engineered Truss designs needed to obtain permits.


We follow a daily in house quality testing program. We are also inspected by a third party inspector. These inspections test all components of the truss. 



Lumber Grade and quality

Joint Tolerances

Plate Placement accuracy


The quality of the products we manufacture and supply has always been one of our main objectives. All of our open lifts of lumber are stored in our indoor lumberyard. All of the lumber we us is Machine Stress Rated Lumber (M.S.R) and the fact that 2x3 lumber is never used in the production of our trusses, we believe we supply our customer with a superior product.


Regina, Saskatchewan Canada

Tel: 306-545-6101

Fax: 306-543-2877

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