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As members of the WWTA we take part in a quality control program. In this program we take part in daily in house inspections, and at least twice a year we are inspected an independant 3rd party indusry approved inspector. This inspector then compares their findings with our daily in house inspections.


This inspector then attends the truss asssociations meetings to report their findings.


These inspections test the following components of the truss.



Lumber Grade

Lumber Quality

Joint Tolerances

Plate Placement Accuracy


We feel as though we have taken our commitment to quality very seriously and because of this we store all of our opened lifts of lumber inside. This has helped keep the lumber in better condition after the wrapper has been removed. As well, keeping it from being exposed to enviromental changes reduces twisting and cracking.



Regina, Saskatchewan Canada

Tel: 306-545-6101

Fax: 306-543-2877

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